Spearpoint Oyster Farm

The Farm

Katama Bay, Edgartown and Menemsha Pond, Chilmark

Spearpoint Oyster Farm is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard with sites in Katama Bay, Edgartown and Menemsha Pond, Chilmark. Martha's Vineyard is known for producing some of the highest quality oysters.


Spearpoint Oyster Farm

The Farmer

Jeremy Larsen Scheffer

Spearpoints founder and owner, Jeremy Larsen Scheffer, is a true native of Martha's Vineyard. He is part of one of the original Vineyard fishing families, the Larsens, who settled on Martha’s Vineyard in 1925.

Spearpoint Oyster Farm

The oyster

Grown with Care

The oysters are harvested in an entirely environmentally sustainable fashion. This method of harvesting keeps the oysters off the ocean floor, producing an exceptionally clean product.


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Spearpoint Oyster Farm is a harvester, wholesaler and retailer. The business is licensed to sell directly to restaurants, caterers, raw bars and consumers in any state.

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