Spearpoint Oyster Farm

The Farm

Katama Bay, Edgartown and Menemsha Pond, Chilmark

Spearpoint Oysters naturally thrives in the pristine water, which flows from the the Vineyard Sound into the pond and bay .These bodies of water have tested to be the cleanest in the Commonwealth and the oyster flavor embodies that freshness. Thanks to these hard working oysters (and farmers), Katama Bay and Menemsha Pond remain a paradise for many shellfish.

Spearpoint Oyster Crew

The Crew

Oyster farmers

Since the oysters require a lot of attention, Jeremy has an irreplaceable crew to help him harvest each year's batch. The crew is on the farm nearly every day tending to the oysters.

Jeremy Larsen Scheffer

Jeremy Larsen Scheffer

Founder and Owner

Growing up, Jeremy spent his days at his family run seafood market and on the boat with his grandfather, where he quickly learned everything there was to know about life on the ocean.

Jeremy learned the secrets of raising the perfect oyster from his father, Roy. As an avid supporter of sustainable aquaculture, Jeremy discovered that oyster farming would allow him to spend his days in the most beautiful office of Katama Bay and Menemsha Pond while being an active steward of the environment. In 2010, Jeremy started his own oyster farm. Every year since, he has been devoted to producing the perfect oysters.


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Spearpoint Oyster Farm is a harvester, wholesaler and retailer. The business is licensed to sell directly to restaurants, caterers, raw bars and consumers in any state.

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