Spearpoint Oyster

The life of a Spearpoint

From Martha's Vineyard to You

The oysters are harvested in an entirely environmentally sustainable fashion. This method of harvesting keeps the oysters off the ocean floor, producing an exceptionally clean product.

The Oyster Seeds

1. The Seed

Every June, the babies arrive. The oyster seed (1.5 millimeter seed) fly from Maine to Martha's Vineyard.

The tidal Upweller

2. The Upweller

The seedling start their life on Martha’s Vineyard in a tidal upweller. The tidal upweller is made of 24 boxes, which are covered by fine mesh screens, preventing the baby oysters from falling through. The seed float around as the strong current flows through the mesh, offering nutritious food, allowing the seedling to grow.

The oyster cage

3. The Cage

As the seedling grow, reaching 1/4 inch in size, the well-growing oysters are transferred into hard plastic bags that are placed in cages. These cages are tied to buoys and placed back in the water. At this stage, the farmers are meticulously cleaning and caring for the oysters until they reach ripe market size.

Katama Bay in the Winter

4. Harvest

During the winter months, the oysters remain in the water hibernating. In these cold months, the farmers venture out to collect oysters to sell to restaurants.

Spearpoint Oysters on the half-shell

5. Enjoy

Once the oysters are 2 years old, they have reached full maturity at about three inches long. At this point, the oysters are washed, cleaned, counted and packaged for delivery. Within hours of the oysters leaving the farm, they are served and ready for you to enjoy!


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Spearpoint Oyster Farm is a harvester, wholesaler and retailer. The business is licensed to sell directly to restaurants, caterers, raw bars and consumers in any state.

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